Unlocking Resilience

How effective are you in overcoming adversity? 

The pandemic has brought resilience to the forefront for many of us. Responses to setbacks or crises not only test leadership character, they define it. Your reaction in times of adversity reveals your leadership effectiveness.

Some difficulties are devastating. Challenges can be compounded by leadership responses. Experience is the real training ground for adversity leadership. A leader who doesn’t effectively deal with a trial will succumb to it. The rest of the organization won’t be far behind.

As leaders can we might not be able to prevent crisis, but we can change the impact. Diffusing setbacks helps make subsequent crises more manageable, and it makes us stronger as leaders. We can learn to bounce back better by using simple, logical steps to make their way through each difficulty.

With the right approach, setbacks can provide advantages that would not have been possible otherwise. Leaders with these skills will weather any storm, regardless of its cause.

From Setback to Success

Ryan Holiday, in his book, The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumphs, claims that leaders can turn the roadblock they face into a path to success. Ironically, the impediment is a gift.

Crisis can trigger fear and anger. Fostering and facilitating these feelings can paralyze and derail.

Instead, we can view obstacles as self-motivating challenges. They can tap into determination to turn a weakness into a strength. Leaders can view challenges as a test that can be utilized to thrive, not just during a crisis, but in spite of it. I have found lift in considering the benefits from these obsticle gifts. Does it give me more knowledge to deal with the next setback better? Can it be a source of power that helps my resilience to be stronger? Can it inspire me to be more resourceful and creative?

To defeat obstacles leaders can use a three-part weapon system, according to author Holiday.

  1. A mindset or perception on how to view the situation.
  2. The motivated action plan on how to address the specific issues.
  3. An inner drive or will that keeps the mindset and action plan going.

Consider the pandemic, the last crisis, or a challenge you or your organization faced. How did you respond? Were you able to conquer the setback? I’d love to hear from you. You can reply to this email and on LinkedIn.

To your value!

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